On the Street. The New Essentials, Barcelona.

Street Style Barcelona. White Shirt and Short Black Trousers.

On my summer holiday the destination was Spain and Barcelona district. I was curious to see how does the street view differ from Helsinki’s. The result was that there is so hot that the most common combo is T-shirt and shorts. Like pigeons they all look the same.

Still one detail in men’s style was a trend of short trousers. Ten centimetres too short compared to the classical measure. I saw even a grey striped suit with short trousers. And socks, I mean no socks. It is up to watchers eye if the guy looks a little like clown or super cool in these short pants.

Of course the sound of style depends also of the person who wears it. In this case I have drawn a chap that turned my head with his style. So simple, white shirt, black pants and yet interesting.

The place was a outlet mall near Barcelona, La Roca Outlet Village. He seemed to rush to have a break from his duty of the salesman of men’s clothing. In hurry to tobacco and in hurry to track social media. The modern life.

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