On the Street. Pride Forever, Kamppi Metro, Helsinki.

Street Style Helsinki. Pride Forever, Kamppi Metro.

I saw this man already a month ago in metro station of Kamppi. Every piece of clothing was old and in good use. The classic blazer of light beige corduroy and worn jeans with the detail of too short trouser legs. Hair messy like just woken up. As he turned to look the right direction to go for, I was curious to see what kind of bag he was carrying. Oh yes, the pride tote bag. Pride all days long.

It is Pride week in Helsinki. The Pride parade will be in next Saturday starting at Senaatintori 11:00. What does Helsinki Pride look like. You can follow the hashtag #helsinkipride in social media. Time to celebrate equality of all people.


On the Street. Silk Scarf Makes the Style, Ruoholahti, Helsinki

Silk Scarf Makes the Style, Ruoholahti, Helsinki

I saw this woman from bus window. She was waiting a bus and stood there like sunshine. During winter and cold springtime people haven’t used too much color in their outfits. Therefor it was a pleasant surprise to find this carefully thought combination. Apparently inspired by spring and sunshine.

Note the bright colored silk scarf on her neck. The use of silk scarves is the knowledge of older women. Knowledge how to add the final touch to the outfit. A splash of gentle amount of pattern in otherwise quite simple outfit makes the difference.

I have promised myself try to live not to buy any new clothes. Because frankly thought, I have already something for any occasion in closet. There is one exception to this rule.

If I find a beautiful silk scarf from second-hand store at bargain price (under 10 €) I have permission to make an investment. Because that’s what it is. Silk scarf feels luxurious, the pattern and color gives many possibilities to alter the mood of outfit and the gentle warmth to neckline is welcomed in winter. With accurate care silk scarf lasts a lifetime. Good investment, right?


On the Street. Musician’s Style, Teosto Prize Happening, Helsinki

I saw this hero in Teosto-prize happening. Teosto-prize goes every year to brave and innovative Finnish music. I found this fellow’s style interesting because of the mixture of clothing. The knickerbockers are rarely seen. The jacket is apparently from thrift store women´s department. The golden buttons and pattern of odd surging cells on black background.

This jacket could have been seen on a woman working in bank on 90´s, dressed with bow collar shirt and pearls. But now it represents a musician with the ideas under the golden rasta crown. By the way, it appeared during the happening that he is one half of the winning Color Dolor duo.

The news in finnish about TEOSTO-prize 2019 >>

You can listen to the winning Color Dolor music album Love in Spotify. >>

Bonus, my occasional companion in same table showed me a lovely detail of Finnish nature. I’ll share it with you now. Seili Osprey web camera, bird nest liveshow. >>
At that point the couple had one big egg. You can check, how they are doing now.


On the Street. Spring in Kallio, Helsinki.

Street Style Helsinki, Dude in Kallio Helsinki.

There is it. Spring has eventually come to Helsinki. A while ago I drove through Kallio, Helsinki and thought that Kallio is not the same than it was. Working-class district. Too clean, no people in bad shape, no older men hanging in street corners.

But then Aleksis Kivenkatu (street) gave this image next to Populus karaoke bar. Bare ankles (trough whole year) and little mint colored beanie on top. A dude peeing in the doorway, one hand you know where and the other, really, scrolling phone. There must be an important thing going on. Or a serious addict. Kallio still has some character of its own.

By the way, on the location of Populous karaoke bar there has been restaurant business since 1937. It is possible to sing karaoke every day from 9:00 am. Go and try if you ever visit in Helsinki.


On the Street. Black Silhouette, Kamppi Metro Station, Helsinki

Street Style Helsinki. Black Silhouette.

There is always a group of people who like to dress in all black. In these cases the outfit pops from the background if the silhouette is interesting. Like in this case: lots of volume in upper body and thin stick-like legs on bottom. Note the beanie. This mohair fluffy beanie style continues to be popular the second winter in a row in Helsinki.

Just look at this. >> Posted last winter.


On the Street. Lady With Golden Bag, Aleksanterinkatu, Helsinki

Helsinki Street Style

Where is the sun? For many days this has been an essential question here in Helsinki Finland. Grey days are the norm at the beginning of the year. Therefor, when this lady walked toward me on one of these grey days, I thought she was carrying the blue sky that was caught in her jacket, and she carried the sun in her golden bag. Oh, the bag was glittering!

The Golden Bag.

It’s up to her, when she decides to release the the two, sunshine and blue sky. I’m just waiting.

Rainy Day in Helsinki


On the Street. Pattern Mix, Kellohalli, Helsinki.

Street Style Helsinki. Pattern Mix and Secon Hand Style.

I saw this guy already in October. He came to my mind now, when there is a lot of talk in media about our behavior in buying things, consuming in sustainable way and how fast-fashion effects negative way to climate change.

Fast-fashion was nominated to most useless thing in 2018 by Suomen luonto -magazine (Finland Nature -magazine). The fast circulation of low-cost (low-quality) and fast-fashion culture make clothing industry one of the most polluting industries. According to UN, its carbon footprint is higher than the total number of international flights and shipping. *

One resolution for the need of new clothing is flea market. If you want avoid buying from fast-fashion stores, flea markets are a viable alternative if money is scarce in use. Because if you find a second hand piece of clothing in good condition, you can rely it will resist the ravages of time in the future too.

Location: Kellohalli Flea Market
I went to sell stuff in Kellohalli flea market. This guy was leaning to wall, seemingly looking at phone, but ready to observe if anybody would notice him. I noticed him, yes, because everything in the colour scheme and checkered patterns were carefully thought and combined together from flea market finds. I had a chat with him and told he has a nice outfit. Willingly he told me, that he had sewn the jacket from two different jackets and showed his back and the back seam, where the two different fabrics meet. I was wow, what dedication! Ten points for you, young man.

* Source: Yle https://yle.fi/uutiset/3-10592186


On the Street. Star Eye Girl, Metro Helsinki

Street Style Helsinki, Star Eye Girl, Metro

I saw this girl three weeks ago, drew two weeks ago and now live in blog. This is it, the impossible circle in life of mine. Too little time for free time activities. But I do my best and post here irregular on regular basis.

But isn’t this girl something! The eye makeup and the amount and volume of black colour really turned my head. Fur and layers. Red and black hair. Something to draw with ink!


For fun. Remedies Towards Dark Season.

aquarium and home plants togeather with good book and pot of tea

In Finland in this moment Autumn days get shorter and darker towards the end of the year. Outside there is cold, rain, snow. At this point of the year it is great to have some inspiring sources of light and green energy indoors. Aquarium – cube of light and house plants make the perfect surrounding. When you add a pot of tea and a good book you are alright whatever is the weather outside.

This is my submission for Doodlers Addicts meet Adobe Stock challenge. This time the topic is Home Sweet Home. Do you share my love and remedies towards dark season?

If you like to see what other illustrators have in mind on Home Sweet Home in Doodlers Addicts, go for it.
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On the Street. Autumn Style Doodle Found from Sketchbook, Helsinki.

Helsinki Street Style in Doodles.

This is a style found from sketchbook. Doodled, I don’t remember when. Seen in Helsinki, anyway. Obviously, this is autumn outfit. Could be seen now on the street. Striped wool socks and loose beret on the head. Somehow this style feels coming from the past. The mix of stripes, floral scarf and plaid is wonderful.