On the Street. Black Beret all Year Long, Barcelona.

Street Style Barcelona. Style Classics.

It is the last day of summer season. Tomorrow is officially first day of autumn in Finland. It is time to present the last Barcelona street style memory of summer sketchbook.

This older gentleman is kind of previous edition of the guy illustrated below. Same building blocks of style, white shirt and sort of black trousers. Only the time has worn out the deep darkness and turned white shirt to greyish. Despite the hot sun in Spain, the sleeves stay long, not rolled and woolen beret stays in the head. I believe the beret has been an essential accessory through his lifetime. Maybe already as schoolboy it has belonged to the school uniform.

This brings to mind an old phrase. "Why change anything what has once been good." In style issues this is quite true. In other words we talk about style classics. In some other issues some change might still be a good idea. Like, we didn’t have mobile phones in the 70s, why should we have it now? Well… Maybe it is good to think again when some issue is thrown in front of you. At least just a second. 


On the Street. The New Essentials, Barcelona.

Street Style Barcelona. White Shirt and Short Black Trousers.

On my summer holiday the destination was Spain and Barcelona district. I was curious to see how does the street view differ from Helsinki’s. The result was that there is so hot that the most common combo is T-shirt and shorts. Like pigeons they all look the same.

Still one detail in men’s style was a trend of short trousers. Ten centimetres too short compared to the classical measure. I saw even a grey striped suit with short trousers. And socks, I mean no socks. It is up to watchers eye if the guy looks a little like clown or super cool in these short pants.

Of course the sound of style depends also of the person who wears it. In this case I have drawn a chap that turned my head with his style. So simple, white shirt, black pants and yet interesting.

The place was a outlet mall near Barcelona, La Roca Outlet Village. He seemed to rush to have a break from his duty of the salesman of men’s clothing. In hurry to tobacco and in hurry to track social media. The modern life.


On the Street. At the Airport of Helsinki-Vantaa.

Street Style at the Airport of Helsinki-Vantaa.

Sorry for the delay of coming back from the summer break. It is time to have a look inside the summer sketchbook. I have to admit that the result is lean. On holiday I had a garden to look after. It took all my attention. I love plants and the variety of species wowed me totally.

On the way to holiday spot we needed to take a plane. That means a visit to Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. Did you know that birds are singing in the toilets there? Well, they do.

Standing in the queue to the airplane, behind me stood this narrow lady constantly gazing her telephone. So I had a chance to look at her secretly. Kind of impressive dark blue and white combo in all her longitude.