On the street. Mermaid in Angry Birds Land, Tampere.

It has been a little silent here because of my summer vacation. For the past few weeks I have concentrated in eating strawberries, picking up blueberries and waiting the mushrooms to appear. I'm staying in the woods by the lake with my family in a summer cottage where the community of bats make music on the attic.

The place is situated near Tampere. So we popped in town to visit Särkänniemi Amusement Park. Amusement Parks tend to have something new in every summer season. In Tampere the Big New Thing this year is a Angry Birds Land. The area is designed according to Angry Birds game. You know the phone app people play like mad. The game is made in Finland by Rovio Entertainment, so the world's first Angry Birds Park is situated in the home territory.

In the same visit I saw this mermaid-like lady that caught my eye. She was very convenient with the red birds and green pigs that surrounded her.


One day. Flash For Zonzon in Ladyfairy's Closet.

A while ago I received a inquiry about an interview. A fellow blogger from IFB (Indebendent Fashion Bloggers) liked my illustrations and emailed me that she would like to write a post about me and my works on her blog Ladyfairy's Closet.

Remembering Andy Warhol's words: All publicity is good publicity, I agreed to a request. Now if you are interested in reading a little bit more about the backgrounds of Flash For Zonzon, click your way to the story.

Inspired by this I started to plan a proper About-page to the blog itself. Just wait a sec I'll get it ready.


Catwalk. Chloé, Summer 2012.

We have had the coldest June in Helsinki in ten years. It means that there has been just 3 days that the temperature has aroused more than 20 degrees. So this is a hint for everyone who are longing for a good cool resort for summer vacation. Turn your nose to Helsinki! We have the World Design Capital year going on here so there is a lot of fascinating happenings to see and experience. 

Due to our weather temperatures lately cardigans and even jackets have been a must to carry. The sun is shining all right but it doesn't warm. In hopes for the warm July I browsed through a Vogue's catalog to find a perfect dress for summer to come.

I ended up in these Chloé's lovely moving, shoulders revealing summer outfits. Emerald green stripes with pure white. What could be more fresh and calming in a hot weather. Now I'm just waiting for the warmth to come.