On the Street. Furry hair Icon, Metro Helsinki.

On the Street. Furry hair Icon, Metro Helsinki.

The color of this lady’s clothing reflects perfectly the conditions of Helsinki weather. Snow comes and goes, days are gray, dark evenings. The blue card in her hand is the travel ticket of Helsinki region transport. Fits well to her outfit because the backpack and the curly hair ends are blue as well.

By the way, we have new extension in Helsinki Metro line. Wow-wow! Let’s make some waves. It’s been a long curly process to get it ready. Speaking of curls, it popped to mind… Otherwise the Helsinki metro is straight one line. Only in the east is two endpoints making the metro line the form of fork. People in big metropolises like London and Paris may think its funny. Their metro maps look like spaghetti.

There is more of this subtle color play in her outfit. Boots and hair make a color pair. There is contrast of form, straight fringe and wild curves. Note the snowflake shape reflector. Be seen even in darkness of winter evenings. Ten points from me.

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