On the Street. Dive Into the Grey, Lauttasaari, Helsinki.

This little lady reflects perfectly the season we are about to dive in. November in Finland is a month of grey tones. At least in Helsinki area, where moist seashore climate melts all the possible temporary snowflakes before they land on the ground.

Autumn has stripped most of the trees almost naked. Instead there is beautiful silhouettes of dark tree trunks against the gray sky. Days are short. Moist wind goes under your skin… unless you have sense to grab over some wool.

Everything is all right, when you have a warm wool scarf and a layer of wool under the coat. This lady entertained herself with the phone (as we all do), while waiting for the bus to arrive. Chatting with Totoro? Why not? Just thinking this form, dark tones, grey fluffy scarf and the grey days we have had.

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