On the Street. Yellow as Sunshine, Stocca, Helsinki.

Street Style Helsinki. Yellow as Sunshine, Stocca, Helsinki.

As you see from the outfit of this young lady, we have had quite a chilly summer so far in Helsinki. Word ”summer” gives us Finns good vibes. Mind is remembering the warm lovely days when everybody forgets the meaning of a pair of socks. Living near North Pole means that things can appear differently in reality. I have been going in same anorak parka that I use in May.

I saw this girl in the queue of the bookstore few pencils in one hand and queue number in the other. She had the sunshine in her anorak that lacks from the sky. I liked the primary color combination in her outfit and the idea of mixing two different plaid patterns.

What next? Warmer days to Finland, I hope. So that the kids of summer 2017 can get their feeling of never-ending wonderful summer days.

For my part, I will head to summer holiday of 100 % security of sunshine. Therefor, Flash For Zonzon takes a summer break as well. Next post will be online about August 10th or so. I did get my supplies from bookstore, new sketch books size A4 and A3. Plan is to take it super easy and draw whatever interesting I see.

You too, have a nice relaxing Summer Holiday, My Friend!

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