On the Street. Summer Boy, Teurastamo, Helsinki.

Street Style Helsinki. Summer Boy at Teurastamo.

Teurastamo is a nice area in Helsinki Kalasatama (also metro station name) filled with urban city culture, street food, bars and many happenings. Teurastamo means butcher and the area has formerly – from year 1933 – served as department of slaughterhouses.

From year 2012 the area has offered a hang around place for the citizens. In summertime there is free happenings with live music. It is a real summer living room and backyard. There is a possibility to grill your own food, repair a bike and sauna for rent. Just to mention few things.

This little fellow was seen in a starter happening of summer season. Hanging with his parents around the barrels. A true summer boy with his wild curly hair and bright colored clothes. It starts to feel like summer, right!

* * *
Teurastamo website is in Finnish only, but anyway worth a visit, to get a feeling of the area.


On the Street. Green Flow, Espa, Helsinki.

Street Style Helsinki. Green Flow though Green Lenses.

Green days are here again. By this I mean Nature. The big thing is the tidal wave of green tones that suddenly burst from ground and tree branches. It is fascinating and brings pure joy. The trend colour of the season is light green of all the new growth.

This lady seems to enjoy to the fullest the green trend, looking the world through green round lenses. By the way, right now this Little My -inspired hairdo seems to be quite popular among young women on the streets of Helsinki.