On the Street. Like a Graphic Designer, Hotel Clarion, Helsinki.

Street Style Helsinki. Like a Graphic Designer.

Few weeks ago I attended a graphic design day Vuoden Huiput Festival in Hotel Clarion, Helsinki. Vuoden Huiput is the competition of the best graphic design of the year in Finland. You may believe that when a bunch of creative people gather together, there is definitely some common feature that points out in the sense of style.

Few years ago the it-thing among graphic designers was massive black square glasses. But now the eyewear seems to be more brownish and roundish. Instead the biggest common trend among young male graphic designers in Helsinki right now is the tiny black beanie.

The beanie sits tight in the head both indoors and outdoors. I counted six guys wearing black beanies. The rest of this illustrated gentleman above is a combination of the target group "black beanie guys". Beards, plaid shirts, black pants, shy posture. Maybe the warm beanie gives a feeling of shelter in the wild world of our times.