On the Street. Dressing Up in Frozen Days, Lauttasaari Helsinki.

Street Style Helsinki. Dressing Up in Frozen Days.

Yesterday the headlines of tabloid press were screaming: infernal cold period is approaching to stay for days to Finland. It’s been like this in this winter. The winter coldest weather comes in waves. This is already third time that the inferno of freezing cold is coming to Helsinki.

The gentleman in this post is captured from the last coldness cap of a wave. The layering and color theme captured my attention. Everything tinted to orange, browns, stripes of pants, details in sneakers and even his beard was reddish. A counterweight to the  camouflage pattern backpack and hoodie. Yes, I’m impressed.

Well, inferno and inferno of coldness. All is good as long as you have proper gear. Woolen layer is the base of happiness.

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