On the Street. Own Space, Metro, Helsinki.

Street Style Helsinki. Own Space in Metro. Feather Reflector.

The other day I was traveling home with metro and saw this guy. The arrogant facial expression tells the story of inconvenience. Forced to travel among the people. Oh, at least the music (or whatever he is listening) gives some barrier against the existing situation.

His haircut gives him a poetic touch together with the feather hanging the bag. The feather itself is a life saver reflector, which will flash when the light hits it in the middle of dark.

Street Style Helsinki, Haircut Closeup.

He is a good example of the Finnish state of mind. It is the fact that a Finn needs a lot more space around than many other nations. In a crowded place like metro it may feel more convenient to stand instead of sitting next to strangers.


On the Street. Pink Chunky Beanie, Lauttasaari, Helsinki.

Street Style Helsinki. Pink Chunky Beanie.

I saw this lady coming through snowy landscape. I truly loved the atypical color combination in her outfit. The pink chunky beanie crowned her style.


On the Street. Dedicated Follower of Fashion, Postikatu, Helsinki.

Street Style Helsinki. Dedicated Follower of Fashion.

Sometimes I think fashion is an ultimate form of degeneration. Walking around town quickly reveals the latest trend in fashion. Every other person looks like fallen and has therefore torn trousers knees. Ripped slit manifest itself some attention in the form of pale knees.

Then I found even from local grocery store jeans with ready made slits in knees. Humanity has come this far that we buy clothes that are pre torn for us. I think this is degeneration if any.

In these days when we should put all our effort to sustainable development this trend feels foolish. Okay maybe I’m getting old and intolerant. Forgive me.

This poor guy is my mannequin that shows us this ripped knees trend. Another trend is the quilted jacket he has. Shiny quite narrow sausage jacket, as I call it. Fits well for a narrow guy as he. Well considered detail was in his manner to reveal the ankles by rolling up trousers legs. Slender ankles, I admit.