For Fun. InkTober in Instagram.

Ink Lady
I noticed it is Inktober time. Ok, I love ink so I try to put some black spots to paper every day.

It is time for InkTober in Instagram. 31 days 31 drawings. The point is to draw something with ink every day in October. And post it in Instagram. There is a list of topics to be drawn but it is okay to draw whatever you like.

I like people and fashion so that is what it's gonna be in My case. Or that’s what I thought in the beginning, but from day 5 I started to follow the given prompt list. It is fun and challenging to find an angle to the given word.

Check The Official 2016 Inktober Prompt List >>

Here are the first nine days inky illustrations. The first one is up above.

Paul Smith

Inktober day 2.
I spotted this photogenic guy today in Paul Smith IG. Made a quick sketch of him.

Marc Jacobs FW 2016

Inktober day 3.
This is something about Mark Jacobs FW2016 fashion collection. Well, this time this girl seems to be a boy. But who cares. Very inspiring collection it is.

Big hair

Inktober day 4. 
Yesterday I visited an art supply store. The lady behind the cashier gave me an impulse to this character.


Inktober day 5, SAD.

Sad about the situation that women in Poland have. Polish lawmakers push on with near-total ban on abortion. Women should have right to self-determination including abortion.


Inktober day 6, HIDDEN.

Hidden in to the woods.


Inktober day 7, LOST.

Lost in a city of patterns.

Iggy Pop

Inktober day 8, ROCK.

Thinking about word rock the first image that comes in mind is Iggy Pop.

broken heel

Inktober day 9, BROKEN
What a bad luck, broken heel!

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