Seasons. Weather Girl Portraits.

Weather Girl portrait. Miss January, ice cold.

I organized a little at my studio and came across the old drawings. There was three imaginary portraits made with black ink. I remember that I thought that they were some kind of horoscope girls when I drew them. But they lack all the symbolism of astronomy and horoscopes. Therefore, they are, rather, the Weather Girls.

You know, in Finland each month has its own character and weather type. Four main seasons, but even each month has something of their own. The first lady is Miss January, ice cold. The second is Miss February, snowstorm. In the future we shall see what kind is the character of the rest of the months.

Weather girls portraits. Miss February, snow storm.

Interesting is to see, if I can still catch the style of these illustrations. However, they are drawn more that ten years ago. Anyway, it will be a nice project.

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