Seasons. Frozen January, Keskuskatu, Helsinki.

Seasons. Frozen January, Keskuskatu, Helsinki.

It seems to be a rule. January comes and so does true winter frost and Russian tourists. Headlines screamed: Siberia frost sweeps Finland. And it really has felt like it with frost measurements going down to 25 degrees below zero.

In this illustration is a lady that I saw in Keskuskatu doing some window shopping while waiting friends. To me it seemed that the winter itself has settled down to the pattern of the padded coat. Freezing temperatures makes the colors of air and clouds minimal and crisp. The color palette of the wintertime surroundings is pretty much like in this picture.

For the past few days we have had a beautiful snowfall as well. It feels like 3D animation movie while looking at the snowflakes dance behind the window. Hypnotic and chance to have a mindfulness moment when you stand by really looking at it.

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