On the Street. Beanie Girls, Forum, Helsinki.

Street Style Helsinki. Beanie Girls in Cafe.

Girls girls girls, at some point, say, under twenties girls may have this idea. The idea to dress similar way as friends do. If one invents some splendid style idea it is soon shared with best friends.

This felt to be the case with these girls hanging out in a cafe. All three dressed in look alike beanies and straight hair peeking on both sides of cheeks, otherwise tones of grey to black. And yes, this is the way to feel safe in confusing world. Be part of something, to be sure of themselves. Maybe later there will be time to make more individual choices.


On the Street. Armament Against Winter, Laru, Helsinki.

Street Style Helsinki. Armament Against Winter.

Living in the Nordic levels, like Finland, requires special attitude against cold winter weather. The first days of coldness – I mean lower that minus ten degrees Celsius – feels pure violence against humanity. The only way to survive pleasantly is to dress up in wool garments and long johns under pants, no matter how much you happen to hate them. Many of us Finns have lifelong love-hate relationship with long johns.

On first days of coldness life feels like being Moomin packed in all layers of wool, but as winter continues it starts to be more like status quo between surviving and wintertime. Personally I’m relying on merino wool and silk/merino wool blend, which I truly, of should I say warmly, recommend to stay warm. And voilá, this way life is sweet with possibility to enjoy winter sports like skiing and skating or have a nice stroll in the beautiful white snowy landscape.

How about our main character illustrated above, does he have long johns or not? At least he appeared to be quite chilled with only nose and glasses peeking above layers of long scarf around his neck. From a distance the sight felt like a giant rectangle on two thin sticks approaching scurry towards me.

* * *
Once before I have told a story about a person who never uses long johns no matter what. Here is a direct link to that particular long johns story.


On the Street. Mickey Mouse Beanie, Ruttopuisto, Helsinki.

Helsinki Street Style. Mickey Mouse Beanie.

6-10th January was time for Lux Helsinki Festival. It’s the happening where light artwork is arranged along the route in city center. For this year the happening is past and gone, but you can still make it through Lux Helsinki -website. Thousands of people wandered along the route in crisp frost weather, when I attended on last day. All age groups together enjoying of the light visions.

I saw this young lady In Ruttopuisto along the route. Bobble hat with two pom poms made her beanie look like Mickey Mouse headpiece. This piece would be nice knitting DIY-project. Alternatively you can pimp a random black beanie with two handmade black bobbles.


Seasons. Frozen January, Keskuskatu, Helsinki.

Seasons. Frozen January, Keskuskatu, Helsinki.

It seems to be a rule. January comes and so does true winter frost and Russian tourists. Headlines screamed: Siberia frost sweeps Finland. And it really has felt like it with frost measurements going down to 25 degrees below zero.

In this illustration is a lady that I saw in Keskuskatu doing some window shopping while waiting friends. To me it seemed that the winter itself has settled down to the pattern of the padded coat. Freezing temperatures makes the colors of air and clouds minimal and crisp. The color palette of the wintertime surroundings is pretty much like in this picture.

For the past few days we have had a beautiful snowfall as well. It feels like 3D animation movie while looking at the snowflakes dance behind the window. Hypnotic and chance to have a mindfulness moment when you stand by really looking at it.


Happy New Year With Marimekko ss 2016

Happy New Year With Marimekko ss 2016

Happy New Year 2016! New Year can be seen as blank cartoon grid that is waiting to be filled during the year. Last October Marimekko presented their ss 2016 collection in Paris Fashion Weeks for the first time ever. It can be seen kind of a new start. The collection is the first one totally lead by the new head of design Anna Teurnell and a fresh breeze from nordic district.

The best part with Marimekko is that the clothes are for everyday life and for every woman no matter what the size may be. Clean minimalist design spiced with characteristic bold patterns is easy going and smart at the same time.

I confess to belong to Marimekko fan club. Marimekko clothes I have in my wardrobe belong to the ones I use the most. Marimekko stands self evidently among the Finnhits-club of Flash For Zonzon. Click the tag finnhits to find out the rest of the heroes.

Ready – Steady – GO
Let’s start filling the empty cartoon grid of year 2016!