On The Street. Modern Snufkin, Kamppi Helsinki.

Street Style. Modern Snufkin with Platform Shoes, Helsinki.

I was having a lunch in Kamppi while this fellow walked by. It was a glimpse of two seconds and the feeling about the sight is in the illustration above. Black interesting silhouette. I have understood that in Japan platform shoes like this are common (watch the Tokyo Fashion video), but this pair was the first one I have seen in Helsinki.

Recently, the Internet has had a few articles about Culottes: How To Wear This Season’s It Pants. Example here on Vogue about culottes. Well, here is one option more, with platform shoes.

Somehow this guy reminds me of Snufkin (Nuuskamuikkunen in Finnish). You know the character from Tove Jansson’s Moomin-books. Forest green look has changed to black, all the essentials packed in the tote bag, hat tilted and whistling on the go.


Monica said...

Great Illustration! Haven't bought myself some culottes yet, surprisingly. Wondering how much longer they'll be in style!

xoxx, Monica
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Sanna Pyykkö said...

Hi Monica. Thanks for comment. Well, if the culottes fits you, go for it if you can adopt them in to your style despite they are "in style" or not. Personally I'm trying to do only long lasting purchases if any at all.
- Sanna