On the Street. Captain Cap Makes the Style, Skåldö.

Street Style. Captain Cap Makes the Style.

After one month stay in the countryside there is not much to tell about street style. The only one that has turned my head is this older gentleman. I have seen him three times during a visit to a local store in boat harbor. He takes care of the vegetables and strawberries sale and has had exactly same look every time. Light-colored shirt, red scarf tied to the neck, blue captain cap and big grey mustache. Apparently he dresses like this every single day in his life.

Really it is very useful when you come up with some particular style. Then it’s wise to keep it and never again have any doubts what to wear. If the corner stones of the style have some character you end up giving more interesting impression than average. Like this chap here.

Hands back walk style

Another thing is this posture. I have noticed the habit of older men walking with their hands behind their back. You know, the walking style with hands crossed to back, upper body bent forward, staring expression in the eyes, field of view up to five meters ahead. I wonder what exactly is the age when this hand tied behind back -habit strikes a man, because it seems that this manner is never seen with men under fifty years. What is the secret behind it that all the men seem to realize?


Sphinx Pinastri And Yohji Yamamoto FW 2015

Sphinx Pinastri pupa

Here we go with another nature summer story. On first few days at summer cottage I picked up a doormat before the external stairs to shake all the needles and other debris away. When I lifted the doormat I noticed a butterfly pupa below it. The insect larva had found a safe place to spend undisturbed winter time.

Pupa is extremely interesting to watch. The form is pure beauty. So we placed this Sphinx pinastri pupa (Pine hawk-moth) to veranda in an open box in hopes to see the transform to a butterfly. It took only few days when I realised that a pine hawk-moth was crawling it’s way out from the wintertime shelter. In this point the wings of a butterfly are only tiny piles of crinkle. We helped our guest pine hawk-moth to hang on to nearby geranium. There it started pumping the wings open ready to fly on.

When it was ready we took it outside hanging to pine trunk and start the living in a new beautiful form.

Sphinx pinastri / Pine hawk-moth / Mäntykiitäjä

On last post I told you how one outfit from Yohji Yamamoto’s FW 2015 collection paired well together with one nature impression. Again I find Sphinx pinastri pupa feeling in this outfit. The model feels like pine hawk-moth when it cracks the way out from the pupa. Ready to take a new form.

Yohji Yamamoto FW 2015


Bat in Daylight And Yohji Yamamoto, FW 2015

Bat Flying in Daylight

Let me tell you a little story. This year I’m spending my summer holiday just like the Finnish cottage-life was described in last but one blogpost. That is close to the nature cottage life. Close to the nature means – besides woods, sea, plants and flowers – also seeing animals that don’t hang around Helsinki City streets.

The whole June in Finland was cold and rainy. When we started our holiday the situation was still like that until July started and the sun came along. On the first sunny day I encountered a surprising view above my head.

A small bat flew around, round and round on sunny blue sky above open courtyard. Bats usually start their flying and insect hunt when night falls. Apparently the cold beginning of the summer had been very meager food and sudden heat had increased the number of insects dramatically. The little bat had thought like ”Oh what the heck, day or night, I’m HUNGRY!” And started the hunting in pure daylight.

So I went to lie down on the courtyard staring the little bat flying skillful curves in the air in front of my eyes. Rare and beautiful sight.

Yohji Yamamoto FW 2015

Lately I browsed through Vogue Collections FW 2015 -magazine in grocery store. By the way, the layout had been changed more magazine-like instead of old catalog-style. I wasn’t too happy about the change so as a silent protest I didn’t buy the Vogue. Anyway in my retina was left a photo of Yohji Yamamoto’s FW 2015 collection.

Afterward I headed my way to and Yohji Yamamoto’s FW 2015 collection and – tadaa – there it was, a perfect match for the little bat in the air. The hemline feels like opened bat wings. Hands gathered as hanging bat does while sleeping. Rare and beautiful this one too.


On The Street. Modern Snufkin, Kamppi Helsinki.

Street Style. Modern Snufkin with Platform Shoes, Helsinki.

I was having a lunch in Kamppi while this fellow walked by. It was a glimpse of two seconds and the feeling about the sight is in the illustration above. Black interesting silhouette. I have understood that in Japan platform shoes like this are common (watch the Tokyo Fashion video), but this pair was the first one I have seen in Helsinki.

Recently, the Internet has had a few articles about Culottes: How To Wear This Season’s It Pants. Example here on Vogue about culottes. Well, here is one option more, with platform shoes.

Somehow this guy reminds me of Snufkin (Nuuskamuikkunen in Finnish). You know the character from Tove Jansson’s Moomin-books. Forest green look has changed to black, all the essentials packed in the tote bag, hat tilted and whistling on the go.