Seasons. Happy First of May Carnival.

Seasons. Happy First of May Carnival.

First of May (Vappu in Finnish) is the only day in a year that has something to do with carnival spirit in Finland. The fun begins already tonight. In addition to first of May, whimsy costumes usually belong to bachelor party or some student happenings. Otherwise the living in this corner of world is quite lame if we talk about having fun with clothes. It’s a bit sad. Dressing up to something else than usual could be refreshing. We have a lot to learn from Japanese harajuku- and cosplay-culture.

A week ago I saw a quick glimpse of three giant wigs. Yellow, pink and green. Apparently this sight belonged to the category student happening. Okay, the wigs I have really seen and the rest is product of imagination. Towards summer we go. Have fun all of you!

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