Catwalk. Marni Spring Summer 2015.

Catwalk. Marni Spring Summer 2015.

This time I turned to a Vogue SS 2015 catalog to find something nice to draw. In Marni SS 2015 collection was these long black belts that made a good effect to the whole outfit. Somehow this lady seems utmost determined and powerful. The effect springs from the belt.

How come? Fashion designers seek for inspiration from many sources. Past decades, films, literature, architecture, an ethnic group, nation, flora and fauna, some have a specific muse that inspires. Ways are many. I find it amusing try to identify the original inspiration of some collection. Looking at Marni SS 2015 collection my mind turns to eastern martial arts like jujutsu and such.

The idea of oversized simple belt made of cloth is easily done as a DIY-project. In that case it would be unnecessary to stick in black colour. For example this long belt made of denim would make different feeling.

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