On the Street. Dandy in Kruununhaka, Helsinki.

Street Style. Dandy in Patent Leather Shoes.

A man who wears patent leather shoes during daytime goes inevitably in a dandy-category. At least if the rest of the outfit has some tones of arrogance and attitude. In Finland this kind of style is used maybe 1 % of the male population.

Skinny legs, like in this illustration, can be serious thing to some men. Once I was going to draw a live model class. There was a hard frost, -15 degrees Celsius, and no sensible person walked outdoors without long underwear, hat and mittens. The class was held in Suomenlinna fortress area. The marine environment with it's wind can make the cold even colder. Brrr.

When it was time to start drawing, our male model undressed. When it was the turn of the tight black jeans, to my horror, I noticed that he really didn't have the long johns under the pants. Oh dear, HOW do you manage out there without freezing to death? The answer was practical: "I appreciate my legs so much that I do not want to ruin their shape using long johns under my jeans."

How arrogant! I was sold.


Tiffy Diamond said...

That model must have had some amazing legs. Great illustration of this dandy gentleman. You're a true talent.


AngLaw said...

Oh my gosh you know what I'm sold too, hahaha. I would NEVER, haha.

Have an amazing day and remember you're never alone because Jesus is always with you.


Flash For Zonzon said...

Hi Tiffy and Ang. Thank you for nice commentary.