Midsummer with Ralph Lauren SS 2014.

 Midsummer in Finland is magical time. The magic comes from sun that doesn't set. People gather together to cottage houses and Midsummer bonfire. Accordion music plays and birch trees are the greenest.

Ralph Lauren SS 2014 wonderful green dress would be perfect celebrating the Midsummer. At least somewhere else than Finland in this summer. Temperature in June has been so cold that it actually feels more like autumn than summer. But never mind, we still have some hopes for the summer in July.

Midsummer Magic with seven flowers

Meanwhile we are waiting for the summer warmth there is good time to do some Midsummer Magic tonight. In old times people performed a lot of magic spells during midsummer. Many spells related to the prospective spouse's prediction. And many spells were performed naked. In this case, however, you can keep your clothes upon you.

Midsummer's Eve. Pick seven flowers. Put them under your pillow. When you sleep  you will have dreams of your future husband.

Other Midsummer spells you can read in this Wikipedia Juhannustaika -article (sorry, in Finnish only).

Disclaimer: The news told afterwards that this midsummer in Finland has been the coldest in thirteen years.

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