Finnhits. Ahonen & Lamberg at Design Forum Showroom.

Anna Ahonen & Katriina Lamberg

Right now we are having an exhibition of Finnish Graphic Designer of the Year 2014 in Helsinki at Design Forum Showroom. Flash For Zonzon wants to celebrate this occasion by making an fictional portrait of the powerful team of two creative women Ahonen & Lamberg.

Their company is based in Paris but as they say the tradition and values in Finnish design shows in their work. You know the clean lines, Scandinavian design etc. Also they do design symbiotically bouncing ideas between them. If one runs out of energy momentarily, the other takes over. There is a good point in this. We don't need to compete with colleagues but better encourage them, right?

What makes their work extra interesting is that they are very much working in the field of fashion. Just check up their website

Now if you hang around Helsinki their exhibition is still open until 8.6.2014 at  Design Forum Showroom (Erottajankatu 9 B). Also, I should hurry in there next week!

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