Seasons. Summer Dresses In Handkerchief.

Summer Dresses In Handkerchief.

Oh yes, after mother's day I've been sneezing with a fever the whole week. Not very uplifting thing to do when finally summer has arrived in Helsinki. So I have been inside for days socializing mainly with handkerchiefs. With this handkerchief lady we are opening 2014 Summer Season in Flash For Zonzon. Let it be filled with warmth and sunshine!


Seasons. Happy Mother's Day.

Tomorrow we are having Mother's Day in Finland. I wish a Happy Mother's Day to my mom and all the other mothers. Have a wonderful Sunday with your loved ones!


On the Street. Confused By the Twins, Kamppi, Helsinki.

It happened one Sunday when I was walking away from cinema Orion. I had just been watching Charlie Chaplin, the Gold Rush. Oh what a wonderful film it is! There is a scene where Chaplin and big Jim are really hungry. So hungry that big Jim starts to see hallucinations. During hallucinations he sees Chaplin as a giant chicken and starts chasing him to get finally a good meal.

Well, in these feelings I thought I was seeing hallucination when I saw the two exactly same looking women, dressed in similar outfits walking towards me on the street.

I remember that in school some girls had the habit to dress up in similar outfits. It kind of sealed their friendship. Together forever. With twins this is reality sometimes. I know few elderly persons from my neighborhood that apparently live together and also their style is quite the same. But exactly same outfit is seldom seen. That is why I needed to look two times when these ladies appeared.