Helsinki Spring Brings Charlie Chaplin

Black suit with big bow.

Helsinki Spring brings with it the possibility to dive into the world  of Charlie Chaplin's. Helsinki City Artmuseum in Tennispalatsi has a nice exhibition of Chaplin going on. But that's not the only thing. Finland's National Audiovisual Archive, Cinema Orion performs various Charlie Chaplin films in this Spring.

The series start next Sunday with special show. There will be live band, Cleaning Women playing their music with the films. (Behind the Screen, 1916, One A.M., 1916, The Bank, 1915)

I have already tickets in my pocket for my family. You can try to get the tickets from here.  Let's see what kind of style ideas will come this time. Last year I picked up this big bow from Charlie. Because as much as the funny tricks I enjoy watching the style of past times.