On the Street. Sketchbook Drawings Help to Remember.

 Sometimes when I see a fab style while walking around Helsinki, I make a quick sketch to my notebook. Every lady has that certain set of stuff in their handbags. To my stuff belongs a sketchbook that I carry with me almost anywhere I go. Despite all the electronic possibilities to make notes I still prefer the old good user interface paper.

 Funny thing is that once I had made a sketch of the girl with orange skirt and yellow jeans jacket in Kamppi. I thought I would draw her better later. Weekend was busy, I didn't have time. Then Monday came and what did we see in Hel-Looks.com? The same girl was photographed in the same day in Old Church Park. Helsinki, small city.

Streetstyle Sketchbook Drawings

Here you have a collection of these fast taken notes. Some of them can be identified from street style -tagged posts. If I have many interesting sights in my mind at the same time, notes help not to lose them. Sometimes it's just the strong feeling of the character that carries straight to the final result.

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Busola Coutts said...

You are so talented and i agree you find inspiration anywhere. Great way to capture styles and moments. Lovely post.

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