On the Street. Sunday Walk, Lauttasaari, Helsinki.

Best thing you can do on Sundays is to go for a walk. Time to be outdoors and sink into own thoughts. Walking is the best method in solving problems or getting new ideas. I wonder what this dark character was pondering. At least he made a nice graphic silhouette against the green bushes.


On the Street, Sky Blue Trench Coat, Lauttasaari, Helsinki.

Street style Helsinki, Sky Blue Trench Coat

The sky is blue and so was this trench coat and I was like Oooh, what a beautiful blue you have in your coat! Combined with darker blue flared jeans and a bit of brown I was totally sold. Blue in it's shades is my all time favorite, you know.

Her about 5-year son asked me: "Who are you?" I replied to him: "A random passer-by who admires your mother's beautiful coat."


On the Street. Red Coat and Shoe Laces, Hämeentie, Helsinki.

Street Style Helsinki. Red coat and Shoe Laces.
Autumn in Finland has come so far that wool coat is a good companion. If you add one bright color with black in your outfit you really can't go wrong. Like here red combined with black. Even the shoe soles and laces are in the game.


On the Street. Striped Long Cardigan, Hakaniemi, Helsinki.

 We are living the Season when forests and Helsinki parks are glowing with autumn tints. The very same tints I saw in this lady's knitted long cardigan. The cardigan was made of garter stitch from toe to shoulders. I wonder what Sonia Rykiel would say about this style sample.