Seasons. June, Helsinki Samba Carnaval 2013.

Last Saturday was again time for Helsinki Samba Carnaval, one of my favorite happenings in Helsinki. For a costume lover like me it's like opening a treasure chest. I wrote a post about this happening a year ago too. We can think this post as a Helsinki Samba Carnaval Part 2 around here. This time I'm presenting some new features of the parade.

Above we see not only a samba dancer but also the set up, which plays an important part of the performance. This dancer had a marvelous golden shoe throne on a rotating platform. Wow.

 Live music heighten the atmosphere. Among others Samba School Império do Papagaio has always a truck with a band on stage playing music. Every year a different song continuously shown.

Capoeira is part of the show. Performed by Capoeira Capital, Helsinki.

Helsinki Samba Carnaval 2013.

The sweetest little samba dancer was this little girl. In real she definitely didn't look this angry. Sorry for the expression here. She showed fatigue-free while running back and forth in time to the music on the Esplanade. 

Last but not the least is the bateria of each group. There is always some great characters among the players. Or what do you think about this bearded guy? Ten points from me!


Nelli L said...

Hyvältä näyttää kuvat.

Zonzon said...

Hei Nelli. Kiitos kommentista ja tervetuloa lukurinkiin.

Liisa said...

Kiitos hienosta piirustuksesta! Olen todella otettu, että pääsin kuvaan :) Terkuin, kengässä sambannut Liisa

Zonzon said...

Hei Liisa. Hauskaa että sinäkin löysit tiesi tänne. Hienosti poseerasit kengässä!