Beauty tip. Just Remember to Smile.

Once in the morning when I was putting a little make up, my six-year old daughter looked at me, wondering. After a while she said to me maybe the nicest compliment I had ever received. Mom, you don't need any make up, if you just remember to smile.

Saying that she really hit the nail on the head. That's the best beauty tip I can think of. If we would just remember to smile, how beautiful we would be!

Another version of the same beauty tip we have heard in the marvelous cartoon by Ghibli Studios. In Kiki's Delivery Service (directed by Hayao Miyazaki) mom gave an advice to 13 years old Kiki the which-girl when she headed to her own for a year. The advise was: Remember that your smile is your most beautiful jewelery.

On catwalks nowadays it feels that a true anarchist designer would make all the models smile on the show. I'm just waiting who might be the one.

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