Seasons. November Blue Love Poem.

November is the month, when light suddenly falls down earlier every day. In northern part of Finland - Lapland - the darkest time is the polar night, a time when the sun does not rise above the horizon and there are only a few hours of daylight. 

This dark period can affect people in a negative way. Some sink into winter blues  or people may feel twilight fatigue. A combination of couch and chocolate may feel so inviting. However, there are methods to keep away from depression. One is to have a daylight lamp next to your breakfast table. Finnish Valkee goes a little further. They bring the light straight in to the ear.

Valkee offers a Bright Light Headset that channels bright light directly to photosensitive regions of the brain through the ear canal. They say that treatment lasting 6-12 minutes once a day is enough to increase energy. A friend of mine has one headset, but I don't remember her feelings about it. I'll ask her to put her impression of Valkee to comments of this post.

My medicine is to eat extra doses of vitamin D and take a spoonful of fish oil every day. Recommendable also is to take a little stroll in a daylight when it is available. Not forgetting sports. And in my case, the more I draw the better I feel. Yep.

And it certainly helps if you decide to love the blue dark season thinking that this is different. Oh so different! Outside you can't see a thing, so let's focus on the inner side, friends, family, music, books, baking, crocheting, studying, yoga, dancing and inventing childish poems. Forget the internet and prefer to do things instead.

What else could we do to avoid winter blues? You tell me.


The Other Sanna said...

Love this entry! So beautiful. :) I like November, it's one of my favourite months. Very Christmassy, more so than December.

I have the Valkee device you mentioned. Very easy to use, looks like you're listening to an mp3-player. You can use it on the bus on your way home from work, or anywhere. I had no winter blues last year. Springime is a different story ... Planning to start using it in January this time.

Zonzon said...

Sanna, thanks a lot for your comment.

Gigi said...

A good cup of tea I guess.

Zonzon said...

Gigi, you are absolutely right. A good cup of tea gives some consolation any time.