Catwalk. Trousers With Skirt. Louis Vuitton and Chanel, fw 2012.

One of the great inventions in fall/winter collections was the combination of using trousers and a skirt at the same time. At least Louis Vuitton and Chanel both had many outfits based on this idea. Something similar than the Louis Vuitton look above is easy to implement. A cardigan, a polo, A-lined skirt and ankle-length trousers.

It seems that the lady from Helsinki, that I drew a while ago, was actually very much in fashion with her unique skirt and trousers combination.

I wonder where the designer of Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld got the idea of the heavy eyebrows. My wild guess is, that Karl tends to play Angry Birds with his mobile once in a while to relax a little between a busy day. And then, one day the heavy eyebrows started to feel just right to have with the Chanel fw 2012 collection. The subconscious works while we are relaxing, right? 


Catwalk. Perfect coat, Chloé, fw 2012.

I came to think what could be a perfect coat for autumn from all the fw 2012 collections. My votes go to this  Chloé creation. I love the coloring and the checks pleases me always. This time I made the model walk in the scenery that I see from my studio window.


My Style. Wanted Ladies Boots size 39.

Few weeks ago I saw my dream pair of boots in The Style Manifest -bog. I was like Oh Wow, here they are in their beauty with all perforated details.

I left a comment with hopes that there would be female sizes available too. In the comment I'm still hopeful, but I was left with nothing. The sizes begun from 40. My size is 38-39, depending on the shoe. I thought a while to go to foot stretch to get bigger feet. In the end I rejected the idea and decided to do a WANTED-poster instead of it.

If you dear readers have seen these kind of leather boots for ladies in some web shop please give me a tip. I could wear these boots with almost anything. But so far I'm still dreaming.


On the street. Yellow higlight in a rainy day, Kamppi, Helsinki.

Rainy days are here again. Every day it's better to accessorize with an umbrella or a proper raining coat. Days are getting darker. Then it's very refreshing to see a dose of bright color passing by.
How about you? Could you add some color spot to your autumn outfit?