On the street. Mr X does it again, Lauttasaari bridge, Helsinki.

Yesterday I got so glad like a children getting an ice-cream! I had not seen Mr X in a year or so. Deep in my mind I have thought that he may has died. I mean, he isn't a young guy anymore. But no, he is alive!

I saw him from a car window walking along the Lauttasaari bridge in a heavy wind. And he didn't fail me this time ether. Always surprising stylish and cool. Again different hat in his head, red coat lining swinging in the wind. Next time he walks towards me I must tell him my admiration before it's too late! Or maybe I should start camping next to the Lauttasaari bridge to get my daily dose of style. (I assume he walks once a day to town and back.)

I have presented this older man earlier in a post here. And again I think he resembles me a lot of a Tintin character. This time it is the eccentric millionaire Lazlo Carreidas from the album Flight 714.


Javier Ollero said...

What a elegant paint! Congratulations for your original purpose!
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Zonzon said...

Oh great. Nice that you are here!
- Zonzon