One day. Flash For Zonzon in Ladyfairy's Closet.

A while ago I received a inquiry about an interview. A fellow blogger from IFB (Indebendent Fashion Bloggers) liked my illustrations and emailed me that she would like to write a post about me and my works on her blog Ladyfairy's Closet.

Remembering Andy Warhol's words: All publicity is good publicity, I agreed to a request. Now if you are interested in reading a little bit more about the backgrounds of Flash For Zonzon, click your way to the story.

Inspired by this I started to plan a proper About-page to the blog itself. Just wait a sec I'll get it ready.


Ladyfairy closet said...

OMG! Thank you so much dear! You're so nice! I love it, it's absolutely amazing and so are you! Interview you was a real pleasure to me. I hope that this collaboration is the first of many others and that it can bring good luck to both.

With love, Ladyfairy

Anni said...

Congrats on the feature! You have some great illustrations.

Zonzon said...

Thank you for your comments.
Ladyfairy, keep in touch and good luck to everyone.

Noralia Ayu said...

Great ilustrations! lovee

Zonzon said...

Nice of you to stop by and thanks for your kind comment.
- Zonzon

Chloé said...

I found your blog thanks to the Ladyfairy´s Closet. Love your illustration. Very inspiring. I would like to invite you to see mine in

Zonzon said...

Nice that you found your way here. Thank you for your comment. I'll stop by to your blog soon.

The Other Sanna said...

En kyllä löytänyt tuota haastattelua linkin kautta?

Zonzon said...

Hei kiitti kommentista. Korjasin linkin.