Catwalk. Chloé, Summer 2012.

We have had the coldest June in Helsinki in ten years. It means that there has been just 3 days that the temperature has aroused more than 20 degrees. So this is a hint for everyone who are longing for a good cool resort for summer vacation. Turn your nose to Helsinki! We have the World Design Capital year going on here so there is a lot of fascinating happenings to see and experience. 

Due to our weather temperatures lately cardigans and even jackets have been a must to carry. The sun is shining all right but it doesn't warm. In hopes for the warm July I browsed through a Vogue's catalog to find a perfect dress for summer to come.

I ended up in these Chloé's lovely moving, shoulders revealing summer outfits. Emerald green stripes with pure white. What could be more fresh and calming in a hot weather. Now I'm just waiting for the warmth to come.

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