On the street. A Miracle In a Gas Station ABC, Mikkeli.

feeling corto maltese, abc mikkeli

On Midsummer last weekend I travelled to countryside as most of the finns do at that time. What that means is a big traffic jam on the road. After sitting four hours traveling in the car we stopped at the ABC -gas station in Mikkeli.

I didn't expect to see anyone interesting there, but there he was all black and white, smoking a cigarette outside the station. With all the gold glittering in his ears and wrist.

I could easily place him in a Corto Maltese comicstory by Hugo Pratt throwing knives around a woodoo princess at a shady jungle bar. Inspired by the image I borrowed a pile of Corto's from the library to read on a summer vacation. I recommend the same to everyone. Dream with the dreamer.

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