DIY. An Apron For Mother And Child.

I noticed this DIY-idea when it was standing by me in the train. Lady by my side had this colorful apron-like shirt in top of a t-shirt. It seemed that much interesting that I asked if she had done it herself. And right she had. 

Liisa Lenkkeri told me that she had made the apron from an old checkered tablecloth first to her daughter. Later on she found it useful to herself too. She had made the shoulder strap of a shoelace. So the apron was adjustable for the kid and herself. 

In Liisa's apron was a round pocket decorated with a snippet of a colorful ribbon that matched with the colors. If you change the material for example to linen and do a different kind of pocket, use a little lace or frill you get a new look to the whole thing.

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