My style. Puma Slip-ons For the Summer.

Puma slip-ons.

I went to town to buy summer canvas shoes for the kids. In the shop I came to second thought when I saw blue-white canvas slip-ons. Those could be nice to me for the summer. Maybe it is the similar coloring than in the Finnish flag that appealed to me. Who knows.

Odd in this case is that in general I'm avoiding all garments with conspicuous labels and trademarks. I'm rather representing myself than some brand or label. But here the PUMA Cat logo jumps in the side anyway. It seems that I'm not (and people in all) so consistent with the behavior as I think I am.

This exception to the rule must be caused because of the cat. First of all I'm definitely more a cat person than a dog person. Furthermore I'm enjoying the drama that happens in my feet. Watch out ladybug! Puma is attacking. 

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