For fun. Playing Ukulele.

For fun. Playing Ukulele.

Guess what? I bought an ukulele. I had planned to get one since I red a book How to Be Idle by Tom Hodgkinson. The book is about the freedom and fine art about doing nothing. It's an antidote to our work-obsessed culture. The medicine is working less, consumer less, grow your own food, do more things that you like. For example learn to play an ukulele.

I'm not moving to countryside to grow my own food (yet), but I can still get the ukulele. Yes. I'm beginning from zero in skills. But I am dreaming about me by campfire entering the ukulele and singing along or me singing and accompanying in birthdays. Oh wow what a future I have! 

I love my ukulele. It's bright green as spring and it even has some glitter in the front!


DIY. Mobile Made Of Gudrun Sjöden Catalogues.

DIY. Mobile Made Of Gudrun Sjöden Catalogues
Hello there. Because I support recycling and making something new from something old, I'm taking part in a little competition that I found from Gudrun Sjöden's webpages. The challenge is to create something new from Gudrun Sjöden's catalogue or fabric bags. Voting starts on 26 March and continues until April 1.

I sliced the catalogue in 0,5 cm slices, made paper stars, picked some suitable sticks from backyard and bound the whole thing to be a mobile. Quite nice I think. Altogether I love mobiles, because they fly up in the air totally useless in other sense but making me feel happy and light.


Catwalk. Miu Miu, summer 2012.

The story about Little Red Riding Hood came to my mind when I saw the collection of Miu Miu SS/2012. I think this kind of little cape might be a good DIY-project too.