On the street. Waiting For Traffic Lights, Helsinki.

street style, woolcoat
It's getting a bit colder out there and people seem to protect against it well in advance. This lady caught my eye with her mole-colored wool coat. I always love checks. Or what actually caught my eye might be the purple-colored cap on the top. Anyway the forms of the cap and coat are so great together. 


The Other Sanna said...

That's not the lady we saw, is it? Remember we saw a lady with a bright red beret, a beige coat and red, chequered trousers? And you said she wore pearls, too.

Zonzon said...

That's true. But I saw this lady later and for some reason I drew her first. Apparently people I see don't stand in a queue in my head. More likely is that they mature varying periods of time and then pop up to paper some day.

So I guess the lady you just described above will come some day.

The Other Sanna said...

Interesting though, because she actually looks pretty similar to the one we saw. Maybe her sister?? :)

Zonzon said...

On the contrary, for me they looked totally different. Well, we will see if the other lady appears here.