On the Street. Cool Style Guy, Lauttasaari, Helsinki.

Street Style Helsinki. Cool Style Guy.

I saw this guy in the same Shangri-La event I told you about in last post. Cool guys get all… attention and get drawn to Flash For Zonzon. No long talks this time. The image tells it all.


On the Street. Shangri-La Girls, Lauttasaari, Helsinki.

Street Style Helsinki. Shangri-La Girls.

These girls I met in Studio Shangri-La opening party. I'm sorry, but this will be a little Helsinki-centric post.

I am happy to say that the new players have appeared in my neighbourhood. Just to mention few, yoga studios, culture center Sähinä and at the end of summer Studio Shangri-La opened doors. It is the homeland of Burlesque Culture in Helsinki. There you can take part in their dance classes like Burlesque dance and Shimmy n’Shake. There is weekend Dance Workshops with guest stars like Miss Chrissy Kiss. They also offer Seasonal Yoga, pilates and body care. Nice package indeed.

In addition they have a performing group The Shangri-La School of Showgirls. Maybe you’d like to hire them to perform in your Pre Christmas party?

What I’m dreaming of is that the studio would be a perfect place to organize live drawing class. Croquis drawing and the models would be the burlesque-people. At least at the opening party the people looked fabulous. Feminine tattooed ladies in high heels. I wanted to draw every second person in the party.

If you feel like your inner cabaret queen has never had place to flourish, this might be your place.

It seems that there are several Shangri-Las around the globe. So I better give a direct link to their Shangri-La Facebook-page. So you can act if you feel like it.

By the way, I have no connection with Shangri-La, I'm just spreading the good news.


On the Street. Yellow Sunshine Coat, Baana, Helsinki.

Street Style Helsinki, Yellow Sunshine Coat.

Wow, is it sunshine approaching towards me, I thought when I was walking along Baana.
In case you don’t know, Baana is a wonderful bicycle path from Ruoholahti to Helsinki City Center and it’s meant only for bicyclists and pedestrians. A luxury in it is that there isn’t a single traffic light to break the journey. But let’s get back to the main subject. The sunshine was on a stylish lady. Beautiful felted woolen coat wrapping like envelope around her. I like.


On the Street. Walk the Australian Silky Terrier, Laru, Helsinki.

Street Style Helsinki. Going with Australian Silky Terrier.

We have earlier discussed here at Flash For Zonzon about the similarity that dogs and their owners have. Recently I have spotted new candidates to this dog and his best friend -series. This lady with her Australian Silky Terrier form a lovely pair. The colour harmony is perfect and they are both tiny and – erm – silky.


On the Street. Pleated Skirt, Cable Factory, Helsinki.

Street Style Helsinki. Pleated Skirt and Beret.

Before I visited Design Market in Cable Factory few weeks ago I predicted that there would be a lot of design oriented people to draw afterwards. Sure there was, but the hassle with all the products and masses of people cause such a mess to nerves that it is almost impossible to be able to focus on style hunting.

Nonetheless I succeeded to see this girl. It was her beret that drew attention. The black beret that continues with black hair and jacket. In between is a color burst of primary colors in the form of pleated skirt, which seems to be somewhat hot item at the moment.

Interesting detail is the black ankle socks. Say, fifteen years ago it would be out of question to wear socks in this way. It was either stockings or some other way that sock does not cut off the leg line. In sports it was possible but with skirt? Come on, no way. And now this ankle socks with any style goes fine. Oh times they are changing.

Street Style Helsinki. Granny with Beret.

In Helsinki a beret is commonly used by older women. There is a blog post in Flash For Zonzon about the fact in archive with this illustration. Fun is that the look of this young girl is kind of similar to the old lady. I have always gazed the style of older people. With years of experience they can be the most fearless to go on their own way.


On the Street. The Return of Mr X, Lauttasaari Bridge, Helsinki.

Street Style Helsinki. Leather jacket and flared pants.

Remember our old friend Mr X? I succeeded to spot him on his apparently daily walk to city and back to Lauttasaari -island. Stylish as always. Nowadays, while everybody else goes in most narrow legged pants this master of style relies on his senses and takes flared pants instead and combines them with fitting leather jacket. Who cares about fashion when you can be stylish instead!

If you are keen on previous stories about Mr X click the tag mr-x below or in the Labels-cloud.


On the Street. Monday Blue, Ruoholahti, Helsinki.

Street Style. Dressing up in blue tones.

Sometimes on Mondays look at people’s faces is fun. Early on the morning while waiting for a bus life may feel a bit overwhelming. In particular, I like this guy style how he is dressed in different tones of blue. Probably red shirt wasn’t an option. The state of mind as he was, color blue is probably giving some consolation on early Monday morning feeling.

Color affects our mind and our mood affects to what color we can bear or what color we absolutely need to wear on that specific mood. It’s not everyday that bright vivid colors feel good. But sometimes it feels the only right way to dress up. Color in clothes is an emotional thing.


On the Street. Twinkle Star Fairy, Cable Factory, Helsinki.

Street Style. Starshirt Fairy.

It was a splendid sunny autumn day when – for a while – I thought I saw the Fairy. Someone walked towards me gleaming in sunshine. Blue hair flying around. Coming closer I realized it was big glittery stars on her sweater that reflected the sunshine so effectively. The long hair was dyed halfway to blue colour. That’s my fairy all right.


On the Street. Harmonious Family, Lauttasaari, Helsinki.

Street Style. Harmonious family in blue and grey.

Oh yes indeed, this little family seemed like being harmonious. Not only in their mutual relations, but also their colour tones suited so nicely with each other. It was a rainy day and these blues and greys reflected the mood perfectly. And still a little bit stripes and dots to cheer up the look.


On the Street. Yellow Pullover Girl, Kaapelitehdas Helsinki.

This yellow pullover girl is perfect symbol for this particular season. Goodbye Summer, welcome Autumn. I saw her near Cable Factory (Kaapelitehdas), which will be the venue for big design sales happening this weekend. Therefore all design oriented people, Design Market is your place to go.

Besides, the participant list is on the website is a good one if you are interested in contemporary Finnish Design. I for sure will visit Design Market. Let’s see if I happen to see some interesting characters to draw afterwards.