On the Street. Boys Boys Boys, Helsinki.

Spring feeling in this group of boys. The caps are pointing forwards and backwards, colors and style like uniform, all black, white and grey. Perfect harmony and good mood.


On the Street. The Beanie Style of 2018, Metro Helsinki.

On the Street. The Beanie Style of 2018, Metro Helsinki.

This time it’s time for trend review. Snow day, every day. Hard to believe it but it’s true. It seems that in Helsinki we are living never ending Winter time. Someone has cancelled Spring. That’s fine, I still have time to post this image. This is the trending beanie style of this winter.  Pale pink, pale peach, ivory white or graphite gray fluffy mohair beanie has been the most common headpiece this winter. It has made a breakthrough as a winter accessory number one among young women.

Let’s see if this harsh winter will continue and how far? There is some hope on the air. I see it in the form of Bougainville on the windowsill. It is starting to bloom.


On the YukiCon 5.0. Bunny Girl Cosplay, Helsinki.

On the YukiCon 5.0. Bunny Girl Cosplay, Helsinki.

A little while ago I attended YukiCon for the first time. YukiCon is about cosplay, magic, virtual fandom, anime, meetings of like minded mostly young people, that read manga, play video games, make cosplay music videos, draw fan art, eat pocky-sticks, crochet amigurumis and sleep in Pokémon pyjamas. Wow what a happening!

What I most liked, was the absolutely the marvelous variety of cosplay-costumes. Because I'm not a manga reader or video game player type of person, in most cases I didn't have a clue what they were dressed to look like. But that didn't matter.

In the beginning I thought I might sit somewhere with the sketchbook and concentrate in drawing the people. But at the end it felt meddlesome. Instead I drew this bunny girl from memory in her huge brown ears and matching color brick shaped big paws. The Bunny stood alone looking around, apparently trying to find someone familiar. The uncertainty fitted perfectly to the costume. Does anyone know what popular culture character she is actually playing? Enlighten me in comments if you know the role model of this costume.

By the way. When I was, say, 20 years younger, the animal I most related to was a bunny. Or to be precise, a rabbit. A little shy and timorous and fast running. Later it has changed. Now I feel more like crow. And I’m happy about it. Have you ever thought what you would be if you would be an animal?


On the Street. Be Aware, Little Granny, Lauttasaari Helsinki

On the Street. Be Aware, Little Granny, Lauttasaari Helsinki.

We are living dangerous times in Helsinki. The streets are covered with thin layer of snow and the danger lurks under the snow. If you are not in guard the rough layer of ice makes the trick. Suddenly you may wonder laying on the ground, what was the last idea before the carpet was pulled away under the feet.

The headlines on metro news screen tell that there are queues on health center because of numerous falling injuries. The old people are in line of fire. The bones are in danger to crack. In these feelings I saw this little granny far away going slowly towards grocery store. Heartbreaking sight. I’m glad she had the rolling walker to secure the road.


On the Street. Furry hair Icon, Metro Helsinki.

On the Street. Furry hair Icon, Metro Helsinki.

The color of this lady’s clothing reflects perfectly the conditions of Helsinki weather. Snow comes and goes, days are gray, dark evenings. The blue card in her hand is the travel ticket of Helsinki region transport. Fits well to her outfit because the backpack and the curly hair ends are blue as well.

By the way, we have new extension in Helsinki Metro line. Wow-wow! Let’s make some waves. It’s been a long curly process to get it ready. Speaking of curls, it popped to mind… Otherwise the Helsinki metro is straight one line. Only in the east is two endpoints making the metro line the form of fork. People in big metropolises like London and Paris may think its funny. Their metro maps look like spaghetti.

There is more of this subtle color play in her outfit. Boots and hair make a color pair. There is contrast of form, straight fringe and wild curves. Note the snowflake shape reflector. Be seen even in darkness of winter evenings. Ten points from me.


On the Street. Coffee Cowboy of Hakaniemi, Helsinki.

On the Street. Coffee Cowboy of Hakaniemi, Helsinki.

This fellow has hanged as a ready made drawing on my desk already for a month or so. There has been so much everything going on with my business that this poor blog has had to wait for a while.

A visit to Hakaniemi gives many times a different thrill than walking in Esplanade of Helsinki. More diversity. Like this man. I thought this was Freak Brothers live going 9 am in the morning. But with a can of coffee. Gosh, I like people who are true to the styles of their youth.


On the Street. Blue-Haired Girl, Lauttasaari, Helsinki.

On the Street. Blue-Haired Girl, Lauttasaari, Helsinki.

Do you remember the song of Elton John? Blue eyes, Baby's got blue eyes? This lady can turn it around. Baby's got blue eyes but I have blue hair! And blue-haired girls go where they please to go. And right there I am going.


On the Street. Dive Into the Grey, Lauttasaari, Helsinki.

This little lady reflects perfectly the season we are about to dive in. November in Finland is a month of grey tones. At least in Helsinki area, where moist seashore climate melts all the possible temporary snowflakes before they land on the ground.

Autumn has stripped most of the trees almost naked. Instead there is beautiful silhouettes of dark tree trunks against the gray sky. Days are short. Moist wind goes under your skin… unless you have sense to grab over some wool.

Everything is all right, when you have a warm wool scarf and a layer of wool under the coat. This lady entertained herself with the phone (as we all do), while waiting for the bus to arrive. Chatting with Totoro? Why not? Just thinking this form, dark tones, grey fluffy scarf and the grey days we have had.


On the Street. Young Hero, Fredrikinkatu, Helsinki.

Helsinki Street Style. Street as Catwalk.

Now what do you know! It is predicted that snow is landing to Helsinki this evening. Brrr. We must release this young hero to make his walk on the runway of Fredrikinkatu of Helsinki. Namely, that was the feeling, when he walked towards me on the street a grim expression on his face. Eyes nailed straight ahead.

I haven’t participated in Inktober movement this October because absolute lack of time. You know, the idea to send an ink drawing to Instagram on a daily basis in October.  As a little compensation this illustration is done with ink only. Suits well to the darkness of this character.


On the Street. Fly With Wings, Kaapeli, Helsinki.

Street Style Helsinki. Shoes With Wings.

Penny for your thoughts, Lady. I know that this every day darker autumn season may cause deep thoughts and even depression. The lack of sunshine combined with continuous rainy days one after another really can bring added stress to life. Maybe the wings of your shoes makes your steps lighter.