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Internet is a great source of inspiration!
I'm sharing here the links I love divided in different categories.
Maybe you can find some inspiring things from these links as well.

On Street Style -blogs there are two major methods. Method number one is that a photographer stalk around the fashion shows shooting the fashionable audience that goes in and out. Another way is to photograph random people from the streets. And then there is this method of mine, drawing what you have seen.

Hell Looks Inspiration from Scetch Book
Sometimes I drew some sketches from Hell Looks to have a little brake in work. Little after these I begun this blog of mine.

Hel Looks and The Sartorialist are the two influencers that first gave me an inspiration to create this blog of mine. At that time I didn’t even know others. Special thanks to both of them!

Hel Looks / Helsinki

The Sartorialist

On the Corner / Buenos Aires 

Fly Public/ Street photographs by Michael Adrell

Tribute to the Tribe / Paris

The Urban Spotter / London

Streetstyle Aesthetic

The Facehunter

Lee Oliveira Street Style

Streetstyle by Stela / Berlin among others

The Locals / Copenhagen


StreetStyle News
Gobal street style at one glance. Handy site if you’d like to find some new street sites to follow. From this point you can find all of the sites mentioned above and many others too.

Lande Looks / Finnish Countryside
100% the style of the early roots. The site hasn't been updated since 2011, but it is still a marvelous collection of Finland's countryside looks.

Backyard Bill

The Selby

Helsinki Street 
Finnish professional photographers exploring the city of Helsinki.

Vivian Maier was a street photographer before the concept even existed. Just visit her site and enjoy the story and moments of the past.
Vivian Maier site 
Vivian Maier blog

Steve Mc Curry 
Wonderful photography from around the world. The focus is on people and their daily life.

Helsinki is kind of character in this blog. If you would like to know some special tips to explore the city you may like to check this up:
Visit Helsinki

My Pinterest board about Helsinki may give you some visual inspiration of Helsinki.

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