In Flash For Zonzon I have certain categories within blog posts. The Labels cloud in the sidebar includes all the tags I have used, but there are few that come out as main tags or labels. Clicking labels is easy to dig the archives too. I thought it would be handy for you readers if I introduce those main labels a little bit closer. So here we go!

Presenting Flash For Zonzon Labels

Street style is the reason number one that I thought when I started this blog. I have always enjoyed the style that unexpectedly walks toward me on the street. I save the best and most inspiring looks to my mind and later I draw them and present those street looks of Helsinki here at Flash For Zonzon.
These posts start with the magical words: On the Street.
When I draw these On the Street -characters I'm not trying to do exact look alike of the person I have spotted. The aim is more to capture the feeling of the essential parts of the style.

In Catwalk -posts I'm picking up some great pieces from catwalk. Sometimes they bring some other stories to my mind too...

For Fun -posts tells you stories about things that I think is fun to do and maybe you would like it too.

In Finland we have four distinctively different seasons that affect to our lives no matter what. Here in the north Seasons play a big role in the daily mood we feel. Also some happenings that are typical to some time or date, like Helsinki Samba Carnaval in June, go under this label. Some of my posts handle this aspect from this viewpoint.

One Day -posts includes posts that tells stories about some coincidence, happening I have attended, some surprising sight.

In Finnhits -posts I 'm presenting Finnish clothing brands and other inspiring stuff from Finland that I truly like.  I feel like Robin Hood of Finnish Design sharing their links for pure joy. I hope these brands will live happily ever after.
So far there have been posts about
Finnish clothing bands: Globe Hope, Makia, Costo, Minna Parikka, Johanna Gullichsen, gTIE.
Finnish companies with innovation: Angry Birds, Valkee.
Finnish design and art: Marimekko, Tove Jansson and The Moomins, Ahonen & Lamberg, HAI rubber boots.

Then there is one that goes along the drawing technique.

I love to do drawings made with ink. Black and blue are my favorites, but  brown, pink, green, red and yellow bottles are on my desk also.

Now that you know the main labels, why not try to explore a bit this feature. Just scroll a little bit more downwards to -->> LABELS and -->> Click-click!

Flash For Zonzon Labels