Flash For Zonzon is illustrated blog about fashion, street style, interesting surroundings, patterns and more. On the streets I see fab styles. I’m saving it to my mind. Later on I draw it. Besides streets my drawing subjects come from the Internet, and magazines. Drawing is a delight. I hope you enjoy.

Flash for Zonzon is originally a label for clothes. I produced it in the Nineties as a numbered series of clothing. Every piece was unique. The last number was No. 120.

My name is Sanna Pyykkö. I live in Helsinki, Finland.
I work as a graphic designer in my own company Sopiva Design. We are working in the field of graphic design and illustration.

I originally studied clothing design. During studies we drew a lot. Four years nude model, pattern design and collections on different themes. I have always been more interested in style than fashion. Therefor, after graduation I worked as a costume designer in the theater and film industry.


I love my work as a graphic designer, but there is that costume and style enthusiast in me that needed to be satisfied too. This is the reason why Flash For Zonzon was created. Also this blog is a way to maintain manual drawing skills. I love drawing and in my blog I can play with that in different ways and have fun.

Since I started drawing after a break of several years and started blogging at the same time, everyday life has become more vivid to me. There is always a chance to see something interesting anytime. And find some interesting subjects to draw. I guess the process is mindfulness for me.

I am inspired by people on the streets. If I see some interesting person I start to think the story behind the character. That is the starting point of a new illustration. Fashion is a mirror that I like to look at. Sometimes the reflection is very inspiring. Nature means a lot to me. In the woods I see patterns that I’d like to create. Actually I see patterns everywhere.

The frequency of publishing varies a lot depending on the amount of all the hustle with my business and family. So if you like my content, the easiest way to follow is by ordering Flash For Zonzon delivered straight to your mailbox. You can check the other options from Follow-page.

Finally, I want to apologize my English, which is by no means perfect. But I still want to blog this way just to stand out from the comfort zone. It feels healthy.

Flash For Zonzon has been ad-free zone so far. I sometimes blog about Finnish clothing brands that I truly like, sharing their addresses to their web shops. But I'm not getting any profit of it. If I would, I would tell it in the post also.
I am available for illustration commissions.
For inquiries or just to say hello, please email: