On the YukiCon 5.0. Bunny Girl Cosplay, Helsinki.

On the YukiCon 5.0. Bunny Girl Cosplay, Helsinki.

A little while ago I attended YukiCon for the first time. YukiCon is about cosplay, magic, virtual fandom, anime, meetings of like minded mostly young people, that read manga, play video games, make cosplay music videos, draw fan art, eat pocky-sticks, crochet amigurumis and sleep in Pokémon pyjamas. Wow what a happening!

What I most liked, was the absolutely the marvelous variety of cosplay-costumes. Because I'm not a manga reader or video game player type of person, in most cases I didn't have a clue what they were dressed to look like. But that didn't matter.

In the beginning I thought I might sit somewhere with the sketchbook and concentrate in drawing the people. But at the end it felt meddlesome. Instead I drew this bunny girl from memory in her huge brown ears and matching color brick shaped big paws. The Bunny stood alone looking around, apparently trying to find someone familiar. The uncertainty fitted perfectly to the costume. Does anyone know what popular culture character she is actually playing? Enlighten me in comments if you know the role model of this costume.

By the way. When I was, say, 20 years younger, the animal I most related to was a bunny. Or to be precise, a rabbit. A little shy and timorous and fast running. Later it has changed. Now I feel more like crow. And I’m happy about it. Have you ever thought what you would be if you would be an animal?

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