On the Street. A Hard Day's Night, Metro Helsinki.

Street Style Helsinki. Metamorphosis from a wall painter to party animal.

One day I traveled home by Helsinki Metro about seven in the evening. There was a lot of crowd, so I stayed standing. This man stood opposite me.

As I know if it is not totally forbidden to drink in public in Helsinki. But anyway it isn’t commonly used or recommended to drink on a bus, tram or on a subway. This gentleman was aware of this and modestly started opening the can of bear in the shield of his jacket.

While doing this I had my time to stare his style. Apparently the day had been long and it deserved some counterweight to reset the situation. Or maybe the construction site had been completed and it is time to celebrate a bit.

Celebration means grease to hair, fancy red shirt, matching red sneakers and baseball jacket. Never mind that there is still the painter’s trousers full of paint stains. The big pockets full of stuff make an interesting impact to the style. Metamorphosis from a wall painter to party animal is still in progress.

When he had his can opened I needed to turn my eyes to other direction. The gaze he gave me was that much challenging.

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