On the Street. Trending Pleated Skirt, Kaapelitehdas, Helsinki

Street Style Helsinki.Trending Pleated Skirt and Black Sneakers.

Helsinki Design Week filled with events was the thing last week. Foolish for me to give this tip only afterwards, but anyway, you can check on Helsinki Design Week -website what you missed and start planning a trip to Helsinki next year same time. To be honest the site is useful all time of the year giving weekly tips what to do in Helsinki in design-thinking point of view.

The Design Week starts always with Design Market in Kaapelitehdas. There design-brands of all sorts sell their products and samples. The event gathers masses of people and it is easy to spot the trends that is pop in Helsinki right now.

There is two things that fly high in the Helsinki trend sky at the moment. One is pleated skirt. The hemline of pleated skirts is 20 cm below the knee.

The other trend is black sneakers with white sole. These shoes are combined with every outfit. No matter if it is sporty, casual style or festive dress, these shoes go with it. Black seems to be most popular but there is other colors also. Anyway, high heels has not been seen on women interested in design.

The once said rule is therefore strengthen. In everyday dress code the Finnish women value the ability to walk with ease, over classic high heels feminine look.

I picked up this lady as a sample because of her brilliant color combo. Also her skirt was apparently wool blend and made a marvelous pair to fluffy yellow mohair scarf.

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