On the Street. Winter Bye-Bye, Kamppi, Helsinki.

Street Style Helsinki. Cold April Days.

This is the feeling. Winter bye-bye. Would you please go on your way to somewhere else than Helsinki? It has been cold days recently. So cold that I read on the news that even the migratory birds rather turn back from Finland’s border. Too cold, let’s wait for a while, they seem to think. Right now it is even snowing. Sigh.

This fragile lady in black outfit felt like a relative to the character from Ghibli anime Spirited Away, Faceless. Dressed in black, slightly sad face. Google it if you don’t know it. Fits good in the mood of cold April in Helsinki this year.


On the Street. Strolling Own Path, Kamppi, Helsinki.

Street Style Helsinki. Pink Scarf.

Oh, I love these people. People who doesn’t give a shit what is in fashion or considered stylish at the moment. The patterned flared jeans, 80’s style leather jacket, pink rolled and knitted scarf on the neck. Tall skinny guy eyes alert to watch what is happening around.

At the moment there was an art happening going on in Kamppi shopping center. Katja Tukiainen is the artist that uses a lot of pink color. She was mastering a community art happening going on at that moment. Any passerby could take part in the big scale painting. The colour available was all shades of pink, light pink, pink pink, reddish pink, almost red.

I wonder if the guy illustrated here was going to take part in the painting session. I was already on the way forward.

Here is the link if you are interested  to know more about Katja Tukiainen Art.
Includes a lot of undisciplined Girl Power.