On the Street. Turban Hat Revival, Kamppi, Helsinki.

Street Style Helsinki.Turban Hat Revival.

My steps walked a block amount the same journey with this lady. Interesting combination with the somewhat military style cape and turban hat. All accessories colored to match together perfectly. Saved to mind and drawn later. Check.

There has been a revival of turban hats already a few years. When I was kid it was only senior ladies who used turbans. The ones were made of panther pattern or red vine color tone velvet's. Many times combined with extra amount of black eye liner, emerald green eye shadow and lipstick. In my teen age years I thought that when I am old I start to use turban too.

But as mentioned, why wait old age! Turban hats has truly made it’s way back to women’s heads in all age groups. At least in Helsinki. There is cotton options for summer and merino wool for winter. Not to mention the fact that the turban is perfect accessory for bad hair day.

Where to get your own turban hat?

Herné products in Weecos >
I have bounced in to pretty new Finnish label Herné. It is available in Weecos webshop. It is a label of Heli Väätäinen and based on ecological and ethical values. All her products are hand made in Helsinki.

Ainamuoti Hatshop from Tampere Finland >
Another option found from Internet is Ainamuoti (in English Alwaysinfashion) Hat shop from Tampere Finland. They seem to have pretty decent selection of turbans. Even made of merino wool. If you prefer click your way to English version of the shop on the site.

If you are not familiar with Weecos, sustainable marketplace – it is the best place to find ecological products from Finland. It gathers responsible companies under one platform and gives consumers easy opportunity to make better choices in terms of sustainability. There is a wide variety of products for home, men, women, kids, bags and purses, accessories, jewelry, shoes, beauty and cosmetic products.

Go ahead and make visit to Weecos >

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