On the Street. Vuokko Wool Coat, Kamppi, Helsinki.

Street Style Helsinki. Vuokko Wool Coat.

In Kamppi bus terminal I stepped out of the bus and saw something bright blue with bold print hurrying in front of me. Of course I made my steps go with her pace and we had this conversation:

”Oh what a wonderful beautiful coat you have!”
”Oh, thanks.”
”Where did you find it?”
”Err, I bought it from UFF secondhand store.”
”Okay, but WHO has made it? It looks so special.”
”Oh, you mean that. It is VUOKKO.”
”There we go, no wonder it looks so great. I suggest you next time tell straight away it is Vuokko-coat and tell secondly that UFF-thing.”
”Yes, you are right. It is great that someone’s trash is another woman’s treasure.”

To you who don’t know Vuokko, it is the label of Vuokko Eskolin-Nurmesniemi. She is the designer of the first Marimekko hits and later she created a label of her own. In one interview she said, among other things, that she believes in sustainable development. As a designer she works for continuity rather than trends. Vuokko is still working in the age of 86.

Vuokko has definitely succeeded in her ideas. Marimekko still uses her iconic designs, like Jokapoika -shirt (I have two) and Piccolo-pattern. Just to mention few evergreen items. And this bright blue wool coat was like new! I assume it is maybe originally from 80’s. Sustainable fashion it is, right.

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