Seasons. November Weather Girl Portrait.

Seasons. November Weather Girl Portrait.

Meet Miss November Weather Girl. If you ask me, November is the most challenging month in Finland. In southern Finland there is only 6 hours daylight and the higher to north you go the less light there is. In Lapland the sun doesn’t rise at all.

In addition there is rain in all forms, water, slush and snow. And the darkness. Did I mention the darkness? This mixture is affecting in people’s minds and in some cases even affecting winter blues. But then arrives a random bright day or a few hours of sunshine removing wrinkles between the eyes. Oh, life is good.

One strategy to meet November is simply decide to love it. About this point of view there is a previous post in Flash For Zonzon:
Seasons. November Blue Love Poem.

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In Finland each month has its own character and weather type. Four main seasons, but even each month has something of their own.

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On the Street. Friend of Totoro, Kamppi, Helsinki.

Street Style Helsinki. Friend of Totoro, Kamppi, Helsinki.

At the moment looking for fab street style is a bit challenging in Helsinki. Now that November has shown it’s true nature, the snow has disappeared and all we have left is wet dark days. Personally I don’t mind that. I love grey and minimalist tones of color.

One night I was seeking a bus to ride home from town. Far away I saw a big, somehow familiar silhouette waiting for a bus as well. Is it a friend of Totoro waiting for a cat bus?


On the Street. Waiting for a Date, Railway Station, Helsinki.

Street Style Helsinki. Red Scarf as Highlight.

You know the feeling? When you are waiting for a date to arrive in your meeting point. When I saw this gentleman in Helsinki Railway Station I thought this was the case.  Standing aside from people in a hurry. Tidy and groomed. A bit nervous, looking around thinking, is it her? Or her? Code word is red scarf. She should recognize. This scene is like from Aki Kaurismäki’s film.


On the Street. November Black Swan, Railway Station, Helsinki.

Helsinki Street Style. November Black Swan.

Funny. In previous post I just mentioned the word winter and boom, there it comes rushing in second day of November. I admit, there is still a battle going on in my mind accepting the situation.

Let this wonderful black lady swan symbolize the change of season. November is dramatic month, dark, darker, darkest. There was a universe and planets print in her bag in the same colour scheme as her wild hair. Impressive.