On the Street. Summery Red Dress, Lauttasaarentie, Helsinki.

Street Style Helsinki. Adwanced style Red Dress.

How joyful sight it is to see a senior lady walking down the street in a bright red classic dress skirts swaying. A dress like strawberry. Blooming like red geranium. It feels so summery!

I imagine that she is going to meet her friend and they drink some coffee together and tell stories and laugh like friends do. Oh, let’s all meet some friends and have some refreshing time at weekend!


Seasons. May Weather Girl Portrait.

Seasons. May Weather Girl Portrait.

It is weird. Often when May starts it is like magic. Suddenly days are warm, almost every day is sunny day, temperatures are 10 to 15 degrees warmer than last week. Fast adopters go in shorts and T-shirt when slower still uses down jackets. Flowers arise, blue Anemone Hepaticas, white Wood Anemones and Dandelions give joy. Here we have a May Weather Girl.


On the Street. Button Eyes, Kallio, Helsinki.

Helsinki Street Style. Button Eyes.

A while ago I watched a creepy children’s film Coraline. In this film there is a witch whose eyes are buttons and she wants to sew buttons also in place of Coraline-girl eyes. I don’t know how come the age limit is 7 in this film. I almost lost the good night sleep looking at it as an adult. But that’s another story…

Another day I visited an event of entrepreneurs. The name of the game is that it’s okay to start conversation with anyone you like. So, I had a nice little chat with this lady that is illustrated above. Tall slim appearance, dark lipstick, black clothing and those dark eyes that felt like buttons.

I can’t help it, when I meet someone this much interesting person, I must tell how I like their style. Like this time: Your style is fantastic. It reminds me the horrible witch from cartoon movie Coraline.

Well… err… I hope she understood it was a compliment.


Catwalk. Prada ss 2016 Fineliner Pen Illustrations.

Prada ss 2016 fashion illustration

In Instagram Draw A Dot challenge for April was to draw something of Prada SS 2016 collection. This time I took simple fineliner pens and just started drawing starting with a dot. No sketching, just  drawing. After all I didn't have time to send these to challenge. But I don't mind, drawing is always fun.

Prada ss 2016 fashion illustration.

In Instagram the hashtag is #drawadotprada to see all the submissions of the subject.


Seasons. April Weather Girl Portrait.

Seasons. April Weather Girl Portrait.

Let me present you Miss April in my Weather Girl portrait series. It comes a little late, but it’s all right because also spring has been late. In April the weather is very capricious in Finland. One day delightful moments in sunshine and the next day opposite, mist, rain and freezing wind is blowing in the collar. The last patches of snow melt and migratory birds return. The listening experience is filled with seagulls squall.

Here is a link to the Introduction of Weather Girl Portrait series.